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2 maig 2018. Assigning Scores for Ordered Categorical Responses. Ivy Liu.

El proper 2 de maig tindrà lloc a la sala d’actes de la FME, a 2/4 de 7 de la tarda la conferència Assigning Scores for Ordered Categorical Responses a càrrec d’Ivy Liu. Lloc: Sala d’actes de la FME, Carrer de Pau Gargallo, 14, 08028 Barcelona. Data: 2 de maig de 2018 Hora: 18:30h Abstract: Ordered categorical response data can arise in many areas. For example, in a survey questionnaire, Likert scale responses might be “better”, “unchanged”, or “worse”. Although such data are very common, many methodologists often use ordinary regression models by assigning scores to the ordinal outcomes in practice. This talk reviews various ordinal response models and shows […]